Blogging 101

After you sign in and you are in the dashboard area then you will want to post your daily blogs using the tool on the left side that is called POSTS – it looks like a pushpin, you will post with or without photos and or VIDEOS!  – make sure you upload photos to the Media Library first  – YOU CAN edit your photos – rotate, crop etc. 

Then you can “Add Media” to your blog to make it great.  It may be easier if you name your photos or videos before you upload so you can find them.  Once you are done uploading make sure you assign some tags and/or categories  to make them easier to find on the website. THEN preview and if you like it then hit update to publish it.

The tools above will allow you to bold the text like THIS,  make it italicized like this, or you can use bullets or numbers and center or left or right justify your text , add a link to another website or if you use the last one ( the toolbar toggle you even get more choices like text formatting – play with it until you like what you see! DONT forget to UPDATE ! 

SEE way up top ⇑ on the upper right hand side of this page *while in dashboard mode* there is a help pull down  that will give you more information also

BLOG TIPS:  Remember that the folks at home that are reading this blog will want to see all the places that you have been and the things you are doing. Take lots of photos throughout the day and then post later on when you have some downtime. You can save the photos in the Media Area and write later on but try to keep up with it on a daily basis – that way when you get home you can easily remember the details of each experience. Use taglines to easily locate the blog.