The Adventure to the Bubbly Pool, Jost Van Dyke

We started our last day in the Virgin Islands looking for a famous spot on Jost Van Dyke – the Bubbly Pool. We began to hike uphill, searching for it.
This was one of the most strenuous tasks for most of us in recent memory, and we made it so high above the island we saw the entire landscape of the mooring site.
We hiked for hours, and not all of us made it, and we were unable to find the Bubbly Pool by foot.
We did have one of the locals’ pets accompany us on our journey, and he was so glad to be with us! Too bad we couldn’t take him home 🙁
We eventually regrouped and took the zodiac over to a far better beginning location. So we stopped at Foxy’s Taboo for obligatory drinks prior to our 2nd try!

This was the restaurant’s pet, a Harry look alike.
We found the entrance to our location, and due to the terrain and location, it wasn’t without any adversity from the local environment! Click the photo to read more about this tree.
Poisonous Tree: The wording on the rock says “Poisonous Tree” Not just the apples are poisonous but the entire tree is. It is dangerous to stand under the tree while it is raining.


Following this, we were met with even more hiking…

This is what the surrounding area looked like, too
What an adventure! And this is all before lunch!


But then…
We finally found the incredibly shallow non-bubbly Bubbly Pool. What a big disappointment!
There weren’t any bubbles at all, and the tide was very low so there wasn’t much water, but we relaxed in the pool nonetheless.

What an adventure…all before lunch!

Last Night Onboard NiKA, Jost Van Dyke

For our final night at a restaurant we spent it at Sidney’s, a restaurant that had a self serve bar (uh-oh!)
Our Ships Photographer/Bartender, Richie and 1st Mate, Dominic spent most of the night behind the bar seeing what we could craft for our crew!
The food was simple and the view was nice too.

The Captain bought this very appropriate hat for the 1st Mate. It says Mooring Hooker!
We left a little piece of us at the restaurant, among the dozens of other shirts hanging! ❤️